Burlington Days

To me Burlington usually means a time to relax. It is a time when training slows down a little bit and my body recovers. Well I think this time I needed that more than ever! 
Tornado warnings bring beauty. 

So what do we do when the rain and winds hit? Naturally, we become movie stars. 

Or just weirdos.

Eventually, the laying in bed feigning jet leg came to an end. I had to get up, get out and get strong again! I decided to go for a bike ride with Kevin and his roommate Travis.

Kevin informed me that we would do a casual ride considering we were both quite tired. Well, usually "casual" for us means... going just slightly below 100%, so 99%. 

I tried my best, but I am sad to say that I couldn't keep up with those fiends. 

One day I decided to jog to the beach and meet Kevin there. I was starting to get bored of the pavement under my feet, when I saw a trail to my left. As I entered the woods I tripped over a flattened wire fence and started barreling head first into the trees. Good thing we do agility. The trail ended up following along a cliff at the side of the lake. It was incredible! I hate running the same way twice, so I usually get lost. That day was no exception. I finally saw some people and asked where the way out was. They looked at me as if I had been trapped in the forest for days. 

I stayed in Burlington for a few days and then headed back home to spend time with my family, have a little dryland day at Georgian Peaks, wash and repack my clothes, and cuddle with my animals.
Finally they are friends... although our cat still always keeps one eye open.

Boulder learned how much fun the sunroof is on a car.

And this is Baby, first name Gremlin, goes by Baby.

My time at home was a rush, as always! In the span of 4 days I had a meeting in Toronto, tested a new bike, got in two workouts, picked up Kevin at the airport, raced a bike race, did a fitness day, packed and watched Kevin and Clay compete in the 80km bike race.
Photos and stats to come!