After our last training block we headed down to New Zealand. We flew to LA, then Aukland and finally Christchurch. We picked up the rental cars, bought groceries for 10 days and headed to Lake Tekapo to start our camp! The ski area there is called Round Hill and that is basically what it is, but it had snow and it is a perfect place to start.
We usually skied double sessions of slalom or gs bright and early, followed by super g.

After 4 days on snow we had a day off and decided to do an Anna Goodman ( inspired photoshoot.

 She decided that we could do a yoga photo-shoot and each get into one of the sun salutation positions. We put on all black with a hint of our swag scarves and headed to the beach.

Isn't Lake Tekapo beautiful?! While we were taking pictures a couple buses drove by. We got the attention of one bus and it stopped by the road. All of a sudden, a group of guys got off the bus and came over to us. We learned that the guys were the US and Canadian hockey teams that have been traveling around New Zealand playing against each other.

One of the guys offered to take pictures for us instead of trying to run and catch the 10second timer. Although Anna is talented at that.

He was a pretty good photographer...

Apparently I am in need of a haircut. I know that it is time when my hair get stuck under my arm in my armpit. 

Finally the guys took their leave and we could take pictures in peace.
Uh oh... broken glasses. 


MP and Mitch decided to get technical.

I love going to Round Hill. It's true that there is not much to do there, but it is a relaxing place to start our training. For dryland, I always jog instead of bike because of the incredible views. My music plays on my ipod and a song came on saying, "This could really be a good life". I thought "This is a good life", while looking around at the lake and the mountains.

Our training went very well here. We all made a lot of changes and skied a lot of runs. I would loop around, getting in 11 GS runs and then change into my super g stuff to get in 3 super g runs. It always seems like in Round Hill I can never get enough super g. I figure that I am a fair weather super g skier.

After 10 days in Round Hill, I knew that we would be traveling to Queenstown, so I took my camera with me on a walk to fully document the beauty.

Many tourists travel to the small town to see this church on the water.

Every year I see people taking wedding pictures as I jog by.

I thought of my Dad while I took these last pictures. "Lighting Erin, lighting." I kept thinking that I should head home, but then a new shimmer of light would catch my eye.

The internet here is iffy at best. But more to come soon!!!


  1. Wow, you could quit your day job! Well done, Erin! I'll kook forward to the next batch.


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