One weekend, Zoe Brooker, a friend from Collingwood that moved to Canmore for the summer, called me and asked is Kev and I wanted to go on a helicopter ride. We had never been in a helicopter, so we were so excited to go. We biked back to the house from the river, grabbed our cameras and sped over to Alpine Helicopters. 

Zoe ushered us into a room where the safety video was on. Then we headed out to the copter. We put on our headsets and off we went! I think the look suits Kev.

We hovered over the ground for a little while, then took off.

It felt just like what we saw in the movies. 

We start heading toward the rounded peak of a mountain, fly over it and on the other side the mountain would just drop away into a cliff. 

It was amazing seeing everything from the air.

I love the colours of the lakes and rivers from the sky! 

I loved it when we would fly over a mountain and bank hard to one side. 

Some of the lakes are still frozen and look very cold! 

We flew past a glacier. 

I hope that these NEVER melt! 

Canmore is beautiful all year round, but especially in the summer. 

Thank you Zoe!!!

We have been able to see and do so many things this summer.  We aren't here for much longer, but hopefully we have more amazing experiences to come!

Stay posted still because pictures from our kayaking trip in Tofino are coming shortly!! That experience was one of the best in my life! 


  1. These pictures turned out awesome Erin!! I'm so glad you and Kevin got to come! You're welcome ahha :)


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