Our days this summer have been packed full of new, challenging and interesting activities. Here are some pictures from boxing on Tuesdays!
We always glisten nicely because girls never sweat. Right? 

Anna's hands are too fast to catch on camera.

Sometimes it's necessary to beat up your trainer. Just kidding. 

At the beginning of every boxing session we learn some new punches, ways to escape punches or a combination of everything. 

The Mad(d)i(y)s (aka the Madi McLeish and Maddy Irwin) battle it out over their names.

Sometimes we get carried away. 

The sweat band's a must. I am lost without it. 

Mitch and I usually team up to practice our punches.
Upper cuts...

Left hooks.


 But Matt always moves in to step up the game and kill us.

"Hands UP, HANDS UP!"

That bag "ain't got nothin' on me?"  I think that's just because it can't hit back.

On Wednesdays, we do sprints at the Velodrome.

On Fridays, everyone heads up to Canmore for an outdoor agility session, upper body and core. (Thank you Malcolm Carmichael for the pictures)
The double plank seemed necessary that Friday.

We always start with a fairly long warm up.

Followed by some agility drills. It is like playing catch all over again.

After that we job over to the agility course....

And compete on the slack line, tight rope, log roll, diamond balance beam, hanging beam, teeter totter, etc.

Mitch and I had to dual it out in our tucks at the end.

Mitch shows her concentration.

And balance is a must.

The scary hanging beam. We had two people on this beam at once trying to knock each other off. However, when one person fell off, the person left on the beam would go flying!

But we all had fun competed and everyone survived the hanging beam (even though a deer stood close by trying to distract us.)

We then headed into the gym for some upper body, our 80s step class (I mean agility) and core.

Everyone was working hard.

Who put this here? I guess I struggled through the last exercises.

Our team is getting stronger by the day! The days are getting sunnier and it is almost time to ski! 

We can even levitate.

After training, we usually have to do some sort of recovery; a cold bath, physio, stretching, aerobic activity, etc.
One day, Maddy Irwin, Tess Davies, Sarah Freeman and I decided to hike up Cascade Mountain to get to the lake that supplies the waterfall. However, our easy hike turned into a frantic scramble when we realized that we missed the trail head and the trail had come to an end.
We ended up scrambling up beside the waterfall, to the point just before the cliff starts and the thick treeline stops.

To define a scramble: "to climb or move quickly using one's hands and feet, as down a rough incline." Usually this means making your own path, climbing up shale, and being scared to death.

But we all made it!!

More coming soon about our HELI RIDE, COTTAGE WEEKEND and KAYAKE TRIP IN TOFINO! Stay tuned! 


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