PICUTRES PICTURES PICTURES... and more pictures! (sorry about the quick picture editing!)
After Garmisch, we had 3 days off, so my Dad and I decided to make the most of it. 
We went to VENEZIA! 

At first we were a bit like regular tourists.
Taking pictures on the bridge...

Taking pictures of the churches...

Walking to St. Marco's square to see the pigeons... 

Taking my Dad's sandwich apart to feed the pigeons... 
At first we were a bit nervous,

But eventually we got the hang of it... 


However, my Dad's photographic mind started churning, and we started seeing everything in a new way.

My first lesson of the day was the rule of thirds...  
I practiced on everything I saw. Colourful buildings.

Walking ladies. 

Floating boats.  

Next I learned about how important light is in a picture.

 I guess I took it to the extreme.

 Next came reflections and colours. I think my Dad got a little carried away with this...

 But I guess I can't judge.

Photography is tiring so we decided to go for pizza!! My Dad learned that the trick is to ask for garlic on the pizza and an egg for me!

Afterward, we saw some of the most well known views,

Some gondolas

A fruit boat!

Views off of the big bridges

However, we both decided that we liked the less touristy spots the best. We ended up getting lost between the river pathways of Venice.

 Typical Erin picture. "Ahhh Venice... OH LOOK... DOG!"

 My favourite view! I wouldn't be able to find it again though!

Another reflection... 

 However, while I'm used to skiing, packing, travelling, etc, my Dad is used to taking pictures, walking quickly to get the shot, staying busy all day. What I am trying to say is... I got tired. My feet hurt, my mind hurt, but he was ready to continue on forever!

So while he set up his tripod for the night shots, I took a bit of a break. It is hard to keep my hands still enough in the dark...

But most importantly, we finally got some father daughter shots! Even my Dad was excited about being in a picture!!

He can sometimes be like Chandler on "Friends", but not that day!

The next day we headed to a little island off of Venice called Burano. Not Murano, where the glass is made... Burano, even less touristy!

We took an hour and a half boat-ride to get there. (Much nicer on my sore feet!)

Burano is known for it's colourful buildings. 

Which I obviously took full advantage of 

We found many things along the way, that were picture worthy. My Dad's tripod came out and I had to try to find exactly what he was looking at... 

Sometimes he tell me...

Sometimes it's easy to see... 

Other times, I am completely stumped at exactly what he is looking at. It takes me a while to find out. 

However, I knew this fisherman would be a hit.

I loved Venice, and I loved Burano! I loved it all, from the reflections to the colourful buildings, from the gelato to the spaghetti with squids ink, from having a few days away from skiing to spending a few good days with my dad. It had been a while.

As much as I learned, my Dad is still the pro. (Thanks for coming!)

Sorry for ALL the pictures! I am a bad decision maker... I did cut it down from around 700 though....


  1. these are amazing! thanks for sharing! You're both very talented.

  2. Excellent photos!! Thanks for sharing and keep them coming.

  3. Erin,
    I love looking at you and your dad's pictures plus your comments. What a great break from ski racing. Great quality time together!! Good luck with the rest of the season. Prentice Smith Georgian Peaks

  4. Erin, Andy...
    These are fantastic. I loved re-visiting Venice through your pics, especially since I have never seen it through as great a lens as you 2 presented. Big hi to your Dad, and take good care to you.

  5. Great season, congratulations and all! Beautiful pictures - your photos quality keeps improving - almost as fast as your skiing! Fun to see the Peaks kids card here, my daughter mentioned it one day when they were making it. Good luck. Valery Arkhangorodsky, Georgian Peaks.


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