C'est La VIE et c'est tres magnifique!


Yesterday we trained in Westendorf, Austria in the morning and then drove about 9 hours to Courchevel, France. It's rare for us to travel to the same place twice in a season, but here we are and I am so glad we came back.
Our hotel, the Courcheneige, is incredible. To get to the reception of the hotel you have to drive through the underground parking and take multiple sets of stairs to get to the "ground floor". We arrived fairly late and were happy to find that we all had our own beds! They are still single beds, but at least they are separated.
Today just trained a little bit of slalom in the afternoon, so we woke up late and looked out the balcony to see this...

It's amazing here and there are so many places to ski. The Three Valleys, Les Trois Vallees, is the largest place in the world to ski with 600km ski slopes and 200 chair lifts! Imagine a powder day! Courchevel is just one of the three resorts...

It is known for being very ritzy here, so we decided to take full advantage of our amazing hotel, which should have way more than 3 stars. In the morning before skiing we relaxed on the patio; reading, watching the skiers

and seeing the planes take off out of the nearby airport. 

Anna and Eve trying to get some much needed rays! 


Anna and I decided to become one with nature. 

Anna had to give me some pointers. (See MP my Swag is good for protecting my stitches from the sun. It's good for everything!)

We had lunch on the patio before skiing consisting of salmon, crepes, soup, and everything else you can imagine!

Tomorrow we have a Europa Cup slalom, after which we drive the 9 hours back to Kirchberg, Austria. It's beautiful weather in Austria and Marcel, our chef is there, but I could stay for a while longer here...


  1. Hey Erin,

    this is Nana from Germany. I like your SWAGG. Is it possible to get/buy one in Germany??


    ...sorry, my English is not sooo good :-)

  2. Hey. One of my teammates makes them! Her name is Marie-pier Préfontaine and her blog is http://mpprefontaine.blogspot.com/
    Hope that helps!

  3. Thank you!!

    And good luck for the next races!

  4. fantastic run in the 2nd slalom at the Worlds!!! well done!


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