Our camp in Montreal ramped up in intensity during the final week. Last Saturday, we did some hill sprints and low hill walks...
Then headed to Tremblant for a weekend of relaxation at Anna's beautiful house!

The view from Anna's house where I spent part of the morning reading, enjoying the sun and the view.

Then we headed down to the dock to enjoy the water.

And cool off when it got too hot. We have been training near the syncro swimmers and water polo teams, and I don't know how they can move in the water with such ease. One movement that we make in the water probably requires as much energy as a thousand of theirs.

After the relaxing weekend in Tremblant, it was back to work. Power lifting, power jumping, quick shuffling, energetic cardio, the works. We've had a few hard cardio sessions because of either the heat or the EXTREME intensity. To put in time before beginning our late night cardio, Kelly, Anna and I started making earrings, while Mitch painted a t-shirt. Soon we will have more earrings than we will know what to do with.

Anna's creation!
I left our camp in Montreal feeling more refreshed, ready for our final weeks of training and... sore!


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