Excitement is Contagious!

I will write about the rest of my Olympic experience in.. segments, so I don't forget as much, you all don't get bored and it will be easier to keep straight.
I will start by saying that I jumped the gun telling you about the girls second run. The rest of the day when the girls were supposed to race gs was foggy and wet and... not very nice. They kept pushing the run back until finally they decided to run the second run the next day. To finish one race in two days is almost unheard of. It has happened before, but I have never experienced it. 
Our girls raced the next morning with Mitch placing 5th on the second run! 
After the race, the slalom girls (ie. Anna, Brigitte, Mitch and myself) went up to train on the women's gs hill. The training was tough because of the soft conditions, but it was still a lot of fun. We did two runs and went back to our condo to prepare for the race the next day. 
 The amazing volunteers preparing the slalom hill. 

I relaxed, watched the Olympics, ate steak, and tried as hard as I could to forget about the race the next day. But of course, I didn't let that happen. I made sure my bag was packed, my bowl for cereal in the morning was out, my eggs were boiled for a snack the next day and everything was dry. Then we watched our women's hockey team WIN another gold, and the most courageous woman I have ever seen, Joannie Rochette, win bronze. It was amazing watching her skate. As if there was nothing in the world that could stop her, with her mom helping her soar. That is the definition of strength. You should have seen our condo watching, hoping that she would win a medal. I think I was more nervous sitting there watching that then my own race. I guess because I can control the things around me when I'm racing and I just had to watch and wait to see the outcome of her skate. 

(Part 2 to come)... race day. 


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