Saturday, December 5, 2009

The Weather Outside is Frightful

After our last slalom race at Loveland on Thursday, we travelled to Denver. We were supposed to travel on Friday to Calgary, take Saturday off and travel to Panorama on Sunday. Almost 2 full days off! I got to see Kevin, which was a nice surprise!
We left at 8:30am for our flight to Calgary. Everything went very smoothly. We were hanging out in the lounge before our flight. Learning French, snacking on free food, etc. Right before we were supposed to board, Tim told us that our flight had been cancelled due to horrible conditions in Calgary. We got put on a flight at 6:30pm and waited in the lounge for a while longer. However, that flight got cancelled too. We had to spend the night in Denver because planes could not land in Calgary. The boys team was hardly able to land. So we did some Christmas shopping! And by some, I naturally mean that I made my suitcase thoroughly overweight. I bought a new recipe book, that's waiting to be filled out.... (that's your cue).
This morning we had to leave for the airport at 6:00am. We learned while loading the bus that our flight was already cancelled. Tim booked us a flight to Calgary.... through San Diago, where the weather is warm and the palm trees grow. Everything went fairly smoothly after this although I would rather not be in Calgary right now. I am sitting in the hotel room listening to the abusive wind and Jack Frost tearing his way through the city.
It is supposed to be a low of -35 in Lake Louise on Monday.... We travel to Pano tomorrow for three days, but I don't think it's going to be much better. My cousin, Helena, is there now. Time for a family visit at least.
It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas out here.... but back home... not so much.

Thursday, December 3, 2009


Last Sunday was one of the most exciting days of my life. I raced my first world cup in Aspen alongside Britt.
Anna, Britt and I watching the GS.
After watching Saturday's GS race, where MP did awesome(!), we trained on the upper pitch of the gs hill. It was not a very good day to get a good feeling on our skis. The hill was very steep and pure ice! But I think everyone felt that way after watching everyone else.
When we woke up on Sunday, the first thing Britt said was "Today!" (or something like that). I started 60th, which was a perfect number for my first WC and the conditions (super ice). Inspecting was a bit of a sight, seeing everyone looking like Bambi on ice. When I stood in the start gate, the starter shut the wand.. then appeared to say something on his radio. He said it a few more times then finally caught my eye and told me that he had been telling me that I could go. Well... I went. My first thought was... this is a World Cup, people can see me, but it was quickly replaced by what I had to do (luckily, knowing the way my mind works).
When I crossed the finish line, I looked up at the timing board (even though I told myself that no matter what the outcome, I would be happy). I was so happy when I saw that I was in 26th. There were more girls to come, but I was happy nonetheless.
A Rossi rep greeted me in the finish to strap my skis! I ended up 28th after first run, making it into the second run. I loved seeing everyone at the finish and how supportive everyone is/was. Zoe and Todd Brooker, Bruce and Bryony Simpson, Kevin and his team, my dad (well he was taking pictures- I think it helps calm his nerves), John Vinz, and many other people who either decided to cheer for me because of talking to friends or because I was a rookie.

After my first run, I pretty much had to head right up to the start for inspection. My second run wasn't as good. I was round and not.... "just throwing down". But it was still an amazing day.

Anna came 13th! And is moving up every race. Britt came 33rd, so close to second run!

After the race we had to get ready for 4 more races in Aspen and Loveland.