The Weather Outside is Frightful

After our last slalom race at Loveland on Thursday, we travelled to Denver. We were supposed to travel on Friday to Calgary, take Saturday off and travel to Panorama on Sunday. Almost 2 full days off! I got to see Kevin, which was a nice surprise!
We left at 8:30am for our flight to Calgary. Everything went very smoothly. We were hanging out in the lounge before our flight. Learning French, snacking on free food, etc. Right before we were supposed to board, Tim told us that our flight had been cancelled due to horrible conditions in Calgary. We got put on a flight at 6:30pm and waited in the lounge for a while longer. However, that flight got cancelled too. We had to spend the night in Denver because planes could not land in Calgary. The boys team was hardly able to land. So we did some Christmas shopping! And by some, I naturally mean that I made my suitcase thoroughly overweight. I bought a new recipe book, that's waiting to be filled out.... (that's your cue).
This morning we had to leave for the airport at 6:00am. We learned while loading the bus that our flight was already cancelled. Tim booked us a flight to Calgary.... through San Diago, where the weather is warm and the palm trees grow. Everything went fairly smoothly after this although I would rather not be in Calgary right now. I am sitting in the hotel room listening to the abusive wind and Jack Frost tearing his way through the city.
It is supposed to be a low of -35 in Lake Louise on Monday.... We travel to Pano tomorrow for three days, but I don't think it's going to be much better. My cousin, Helena, is there now. Time for a family visit at least.
It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas out here.... but back home... not so much.


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