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The last few days have been fairly uneventful. The glacier has receded a little more everyday.

So far we have skied four days and while the snow melted I progressively got sicker. There is something uncomfortable about not being able to get enough oxygen in when you are doing anything that makes you slightly out of breath; such as walking up a flight of stairs.

Yesterday was our first day of gs since New Zealand. The snow was amazing where we could ski. However, the grey dirt of Solden keeps continuing to win the fight against the snow. In the morning the T-bar couldn’t open because there wasn’t enough snow on the track. For the first few runs we would free ski to the bottom of our course, change to the rental skis (aka life savers) and ski to the bottom of the t-bar. At that point I would impatiently put on my cat tracks, pick up both pairs of skis and walk to the mid- station of the gondola where I would fight through the line to squeeze onto a gondola. Needless to say, one run in my haste I forgot my rentals on the gondola.

After ten runs I was pretty beat and tired, so I was happy for the day off today. However, by the end of the day the coaches realized I probably lose about 4 tenths off my start because I regularly trip the wand. So I am excited to address that tomorrow. Typical Erin move; being way too excited and opening the wand before I even leave the gate.

We will be moving to Pitztal sooner than planned because the snow seems to be a bit better there. Pitztal is a whole other story, which I will describe at a later date.

Well I will leave you all to your everyday activities. Where people walk dogs instead of cows and there are not poo flingers driving down the road.

- Here is a new band I found... okay Ellen found and they were featured on One Tree Hill


  1. Skiing is fun, i have never actually tried it myself, but i would love too ! Hope you had a great time. Keep posting more stuff about it .


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