Friday, August 31, 2012

Ropes and Fire in New Zealand

Ahh New Zealand... How I love you.

I will start at the beginning. We are now training at Coronet Peak and staying in Arrowtown near the water on Lake Hayes. This is the view from our dinner table, with Coronet in the background.

Even though it is winter, the Lake offers many activities. While some of the other girls went bungee jumping and canyon swinging a few of us went down to the lake for some swinging of our own. 

Maddawg- rockin' out!

The water stays at about 12C all year, so the goal was to get out basically as soon as you got in.

BRRR... brrrrrain freeze! 

I decided to run around the lake to clear my head the other day. It is about 8-9km around.

But I think that this explains my run well...

Training has been amazing. No day is ever the same. Some days we deal with ruts and fall a lot, other days it is hard and we feel like rock stars. However, no matter what, we learn from each day, brush ourselves off (and get physio), and get ready to face a new day.
However, sometimes a cold tub is needed.

Good thing we have a huge one so close by. Even if I saw a bird carcass in it the other day.  (I will pretend that never happened!)

Today we have a day off, so last night we decided to accompany Mitch to the spot where she usually has date night with her boyfriend. We hiked up this hill, with music playing and headlamps on.

Everything was extremely beautiful and peaceful. 

At first...

Then Mitch heard an animal right next to her. It gave a kawww, kaaahhhhhh, kawww. She looked at me and gave a little yelp and then I heard the sound to. Kawwww, kahhhh, kawwww! We both left everything where is was and ran! 

Except that I am known to fall a lot, so as I began running, I fell with my legs going down the steep hill to my right. I grabbed the path, got up quickly and started running again. The sound continued even after we let off some fireworks. 

At first we thought it was an eagle, but then decided that it was more likely a pterodactyl. 
Eventually it stopped and we enjoyed the rest of the evening!

Afterward, we headed down to the lake to lower the risk of fire hazards, picked up a sore Maddy and a studious Elli and let off the remaining fireworks! 

Go Team Canada + GB (Chemmy!) 

Everything is a new adventure here, whether it is rope swinging into the lake, or running away from a dinosaur. The training is incredible and I can't wait for this season!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Fast Forward: Zermatt to New Zealand!

Since I have been struggling with getting a blog post out recently, I will fast forward quickly through the last couple of weeks.
Our trip in Zermatt was incredible!

Our training was amazing, and how can you not be thankful waking up to this every morning. 

I enjoyed the warm weather, after a very cold and rainy Canmore summer!

I love Switzerland, especially because of it's breathtaking beauty!

After many runs, we said goodbye to Zermatt and headed home!

I headed home for a couple days... insert generic dog picture here....

And then headed to Calgary with Larisa for a little TLC and not so TLC... testing! However, we had a bit of a tough travel day. Just so future hotels know.... skiers don't smoke...

After a short stay in Calgary/Canmore, and enjoying all sorts of weather..

we finally headed to New Zealand!

For the last two weeks we have been in Mt Hutt, battling many different conditions and hitting our training volume hard! It snowed so hard the first few days that we couldn't go up to ski, or even try to make it up the road to the hill, so we explored.
Katniss, from The Hunger Games, except she chooses to use a slingshot instead of a bow. 

We be chin uppin whererrr we go... (except when the tree starts to snap)  [Pic credit: Mitch]

[Pic credit: Mitch]

Climbing= not my strong point.  [Pic credit: Mitch]

I love being here and pushing past so many limits!

As we climb the road to the hill in the morning, I get ready for whatever the day has in store. 

Whether that is consists of me, standing at the start, trying to be better.

Or pouting about the fog.... 

My internet is quite good now, so this time, really and truely, STAY TUNED!