Fast Forward: Zermatt to New Zealand!

Since I have been struggling with getting a blog post out recently, I will fast forward quickly through the last couple of weeks.
Our trip in Zermatt was incredible!

Our training was amazing, and how can you not be thankful waking up to this every morning. 

I enjoyed the warm weather, after a very cold and rainy Canmore summer!

I love Switzerland, especially because of it's breathtaking beauty!

After many runs, we said goodbye to Zermatt and headed home!

I headed home for a couple days... insert generic dog picture here....

And then headed to Calgary with Larisa for a little TLC and not so TLC... testing! However, we had a bit of a tough travel day. Just so future hotels know.... skiers don't smoke...

After a short stay in Calgary/Canmore, and enjoying all sorts of weather..

we finally headed to New Zealand!

For the last two weeks we have been in Mt Hutt, battling many different conditions and hitting our training volume hard! It snowed so hard the first few days that we couldn't go up to ski, or even try to make it up the road to the hill, so we explored.
Katniss, from The Hunger Games, except she chooses to use a slingshot instead of a bow. 

We be chin uppin whererrr we go... (except when the tree starts to snap)  [Pic credit: Mitch]

[Pic credit: Mitch]

Climbing= not my strong point.  [Pic credit: Mitch]

I love being here and pushing past so many limits!

As we climb the road to the hill in the morning, I get ready for whatever the day has in store. 

Whether that is consists of me, standing at the start, trying to be better.

Or pouting about the fog.... 

My internet is quite good now, so this time, really and truely, STAY TUNED!


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