Fall into Winter

First I will start with some skiing. This is a point of view video that Pierre Ruel took during our first on snow camp in Zermatt this year.

Recently, we have packed away our GS skis and started training for our first slalom race in Levi, Finland. We were in Solden for the past week. 

We've had to battle with many different types of weather, but this year we feel stronger coming into the season because of this difficult training.

Earlier in our trip Mitch and I had to run intervals and we found this path. We promised that we would come back later in the camp and take pictures... when our pain had subsided. 

However, yesterday we found out that our trip in Solden would be cut short because we were following the injected snow to Reiteralm. We decided that the time had come to take some pictures.

The nettles falling from the trees turn the fresh snow a beautiful orange colour.

The sun finds it's way through the trees.

I tried to join Mitch in this picture, but realized that I couldn't make it up the hill during the two second timer my camera has. I'm off to the right sprinting... out of view. 

However, Mitch made sure that I got a shot too! 

I missed most of my favourite season at home, but found it again in Europe as fall fell into winter.

Oh and on a final note.... HAPPY HALLOWEEN!
Be sure to stay tuned for our November edition!

We will be training hard, getting prepared and resting up for Levi which is this Saturday!
Until then... Enjoy the changing seasons!