Goodbye Canmore... HELLO ZERMATT!

During my last week in Canmore my mom and Clay came to visit!

And finally the weather was nice, so we headed to Lake Louise for a "beach" day. I will now rename this day to, let's jump in freezing cold water day.

It was nice to be reunited with my mom again.

Finally that rock makes me taller! But it's an optical illusion!

It was nice to have some of my favourite people together! 

Mom: "Clay I think you should put your glasses on."
Me: "Mom look at me, look at me. I'm jumping."

 I doubt they will notice me until I fall in taking them with me.

After a busy weekend we decided to recover and hike Ha-Ling Peak (Picture doesn't do it justice)
Clay and I tried to look brave, but our fear of heights shone through when we had to turn around near the ledge. - Rubber legs

But the view from above Canmore was incredible! 

 It was an amazing last week in Canmore!

As sad as it was to leave I was happy to go home and spend some time in the warm water with my pup! 

My girl's getting so big... and misbehaving enough to match her size. 

However, my day at home was short lived and I quickly headed to the airport to begin our first camp on snow in....

This isn't a bad view to look at while I'm spinning on the bike. My legs burn, but I don't even care!

Our first few days we couldn't ski due to wind and a broken tram, so we hit the weights! 

This is the view I get to wake up to every morning! 

Skiing has been amazing! We just finished our 7th day on snow and we have 3 more to go. I am learning a lot and loving the new gs ski.
I've set up my good camera on my tripod, so better pictures will be coming soon... I hope!


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