Give Your Everything

This video for the London Olympics has made me ready to "Give My Everything" this summer.

However, before we get into that, I'll start at the beginning of the summer. Before I left home, my dad and I headed to high park in Toronto to walk around and take a few pictures.

It was a beautiful day!

The day before I left, my dad brought my trophy home for me. A few people were wondering what it looks like, so finally... here it is!

The next day I headed to the airport to travel to Calgary. Eve picked us up and give up Jay's car, Bruce, for the summer. Eve told me a few of Bruce's traits. His door is a bit stuck, his steering wheel is a bit loose, but most importantly...
What is wrong with this picture?
He drives without a key needed!

Oh I have missed the chinooks in the west!

MP, Britt and I went exploring near our new places!

And enjoyed the beautiful day.

Our first week was filled with difficult tests and many doctors assessments. We are all starting at a very good place this summer, but there is a lot of work to do!
We rewarded ourselves with a hike, the first major hike of the season! However, the hike was a difficult one to start with. MP said it correctly when she said the first half of the hike is beautiful and fun, but then it gets hard and... less fun. Obviously we are not long distance athletes!

My next goal of the day was to make some tea...

And find a nice patio to enjoy it on.

During that week, Mitch and I headed to a Canadian Olympic Commitee event to meet other athletes, learn about the Olympics and get to know Russia!
They have been making these short videos about a few of the athletes. They are extremely inspirational. I will try to post more of them during my next posts.
This video reminded me of these girls... 
Whenever I leave home, I always feel a little bit lonely and sad. When I landed in Calgary there was an email waiting for me from an amazing skiing mother. She told me that it was just her daughters birthday, and her daughter had chose to have a picture of me skiing on the back of her birthday t-shirts. She then told me that my work is inspiring. That email couldn't have come at a better time. It made everything clear again and reminded me why sometimes we go through hard things to attempt to reach our dreams... and help others do so too!

"I'm representing Canada, which means I'm representing everyone who is fortunate enough to call themselves a Canadian. It's like we have a bond, in the same way as a musician might be really stoked when somebody says, "Hey I like your song". If somebody says, "Hey I was inspired by your race and I think it's cool what you do" then that's the same feeling." -Adam van Koeverden

Thank you for reminding me of that feeling! You girls are amazing and inspiring! RACE LIKE A GIRL!

Now I am getting ready for next week. Resting, recovering, making a few meals for the rest of the week.

I love it here and I am ready to "Give it my Everything", but home always stays close to my heart!