Thursday, June 23, 2011

Ha Ling Peak- Don't Stop Believing

The other weekend some of us decided to hike up one of the mountains in Canmore. It is called Ha Ling Peak (or in other words China Man's Peak). It is said that in 1896 a Chinese man, ie Ha Ling, was bet $50 that he couldn't make it up and down the mountain in 10hours. Ha Ling took up the bet and completed the hike in 5hours. No one believed his story, so he took a group of hikers up the next day and planted a larger flag next to the smaller one he had planted the previous day. Thus, his name will be remembered for a long time!

We decided to hike up the backside of this... (The peak on the right)

Here is a view from the road to the backside of the peak.
I'm not sure if I mentioned this before but... I'm afraid of heights. In that incomprehensible, debilitating, my legs won't stay straight sort of way. I needed help from this sign we found to get through the last part of the hike!

We started our hike wearing multiple layers, but it really was an intense uphill hike... as you can see.
Mitch (in the pink hat) really needed some water.

Eventually we reached snow. It was as if we had never seen it before!

Looking down from our little path in the snow. My legs still felt strong.

We were all taking a second to take in the view.

Which was amazing!

Then we left the path and started climbing up this... Legs becoming more shaky.

We were almost at the top. There was a lot of snow, it was windy and CHILLY!

Finally.... we arrived.
As you can see, my legs no longer worked and Maddy's facial expression shows how comfortable she is.

However, we were looking down a sheer rock cliff and it was windy! Apparently some people have blown off the top.

Another view off of the edge...

Remember, this is what we were staring down... (The squarish peak on the right)

We took a little break at the top. Obviously I'm reaching for the food...

Maddy comforting herself with her container of fruit.


As you can see, we worked hard on our hair before the hike.

On top of the World!

Everyone got cold quickly, so we headed down fast. Apparently, running/sliding down shale is a cool this to do here. My response, less so!

It's amazing how quickly you gain elevation here! I love it! Today we went on a road ride to castle mountain. We saw about 6 elk, one black bear, and reached 71km/h. Awesome!!

This week was a really hard week and we are all feeling the hard days. Or at least I know my legs are. Here are a few videos my trainer took. Thanks Matt Jordan!

Cleans... and I wasn't sure what punching the bar meant... Typical

Front Squat

Trap-bar Jump Squat

Today, we have another strength workout, so I better get biking up to the gym. This will get me through the hard sets...

You're kiddin' me! I love it!

Monday, June 13, 2011

21st Birthday!

I spent my 21st birthday in Canmore this year, with Kevin! The day was a bit crazy. Luckily Kevin didn't have to work because it rained in the morning. We drove to Calgary in the morning for a very hard workout. The girls had many treats waiting for me at the gym. After which I had physio with Jenny and hopped in the car for a doctor's appointment. Straight from the appointment we went to a swimming session (and yes I forgot a towel). So we hit the road again for Canmore to go out for a really nice dinner from Kev's parents!

We decided to go to Banff for our dinner out.

Along the way we saw two herds of elk by the road. Another nice birthday gift! 

Our dinner was INCREDIBLE!  The view was amazing and the meal was fantastic. We ordered scallops and halibut covered in miso sauce. They served us delicious starters to begin an amazing meal!

And the person that made my birthday amazing!  Look at the food!

After our dinner we stopped on the way down to take a few pictures with the Chateau Banff in the background. 

It was interesting climbing out of the car on a stony bank in heels.  Walking in heels is not my forte, which showed a few years ago at my prom when my Dad kept telling me I might want to take off my heels... oops.

Kevin came to my rescue.

After my busy birthday I slept like a log and woke up as a 21 year old in the morning. We had agility in the forest (in the rain) in the morning, which was going well until I fell off one of the slippery logs. In the afternoon, Kev and I decided to try out my mountain bike, yet again, and of course I fell off, yet again. I tried to practice my bunny hops (I'm not a very good mountain biker) and my wheel turned so quickly and threw me to the ground. Not fun and not a great way to start my year as a 21 year old.

However, since then things have been great. When I was recovering Kev and I decided to go into Banff for the day because it snowed like crazy the night before.

However, the snow never lasts long. The sun always comes back full bore. 

Our home... 

 On the weekends and in the evenings we meet up with other people in Canmore for bbqs, at cafes, to make smores, to bike, to play games, etc. We've made some mean burgers, mushroom burgers, fish, salads, and the works. We figured out that Maddy never wants to see dirty bandaids in her bed, in the game Things, and discovered that the board game, Whatzit?, that we bought from the thrift store for $1 is amazing (mil1ion = one in a million)

I'm much busier than I thought I would be. There is always a floor to be swept, laundry to be done, garbage to be taken out, a bike ride to be had, and dinner to make. However, I'm learning to grow up. 

To cherish the time I have with the people I love

To take the time to notice the clouds.

Canmore is a lot of fun so far. Sometimes we have visits on the weekend from people in Calgary. Usually the Ontarians unite; Phil, Maddy, Kev, myself and of course... Kelby, wondering about this small dog.

I still miss home and everyone there. I miss Whistler and everyone there as well. We are crossing our fingers for some more visitors, like Baye!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Training and Banff

We just finished up our first 3 weeks of training. We were lifting, boxing, doing gymnastics, biking in the Velodrome, etc. The weeks consisted of hard lifting, learning new things, driving to Calgary and one instance of falling of my bike and breaking my new helmet.

This is at the Velodrome. You can see the highest wall (which seemed a lot scarier in person the first time I saw it.)

This is a video of a velodrome (not us or ours), but an example of the "big boys".

After the weeks of training it  was nice to relax and finally enjoy Canmore!

 And the river.

 Kevin and I decided to go into Banff on the weekend for sushi and a movie.

.... and to be tourists...

I love the mountains!

And the views we get to see everyday.

More to come! I can only put on a certain number of pictures... which I just found out the hard way.....
Therefore, to be continued...