Training and Banff

We just finished up our first 3 weeks of training. We were lifting, boxing, doing gymnastics, biking in the Velodrome, etc. The weeks consisted of hard lifting, learning new things, driving to Calgary and one instance of falling of my bike and breaking my new helmet.

This is at the Velodrome. You can see the highest wall (which seemed a lot scarier in person the first time I saw it.)

This is a video of a velodrome (not us or ours), but an example of the "big boys".

After the weeks of training it  was nice to relax and finally enjoy Canmore!

 And the river.

 Kevin and I decided to go into Banff on the weekend for sushi and a movie.

.... and to be tourists...

I love the mountains!

And the views we get to see everyday.

More to come! I can only put on a certain number of pictures... which I just found out the hard way.....
Therefore, to be continued...


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