My dryland training has now begun. Last week we had a few days full of testing, judging and learning. 

Monday we had 4 doctors appointments: one with our team doctor, one with a sleep doctor, the team dentist and a surgeon (who said it looks like I broke my leg at some point... ?) 

Tuesday was our physical testing day. This day is always packed full of everything having to do with our bodies. We wake up in the morning and can't eat until we get over to the university and do a blood test. Then we hastily ate as we do fat testing and CT scans of our ankles and wrists, for a study at the university. Then we prepared for our first incremental bike test where they test our lactates. After this we have to go to the biodex test where they test our quad strength compared to our hamstring strength. After this we ate lunch and had a full CT scan of our entire bodies. Then we finished our last bike test. In this test, we have to bike until failure at a certain wattage that the staff puts on the bike depending on our first bike test. This test is both mentally and physically draining! Later that day we had an easy core and movement session when the trainers were able to get a feel of our overall core strength and movement quality. 
Wednesday was strength testing. This included jumps, squats, small computers, platforms and agility. Later that afternoon, we had a Olympic lifting training/learning session.
Thursday we did a movement session in the morning and then... BOXING in the afternoon. It was a lot of fun! I left with sore feet and bleeding knuckles! But it was definitely the most fun cardio session I have ever had. 
Friday Kevin came to visit me! We had another lifting session in the morning and the afternoon off. 
Saturday we went for the first road ride here. Kevin and I woke up early to rent him a bike and the whole team went for a ride. 
On Sunday we had a day off and went to see "Body Worlds and the Brain". It was so interesting. They take cadavers and plasticize the bodies. We all decided afterwards that the most interesting exhibits were comparing the lungs of a normal person, a smoker and a coal miner. Also, the exhibit of the mother and baby camel was very cool, and the exhibit of a chicken with everything removed except it's blood vessels. SO INTERESTING!!
Kevin left early Monday morning, leading into our first real week in the gym. Yesterday and today my legs have felt horrible!! 
But... Fuel for Gold saves my life. There is a chef with the University that cooks meals for athletes that train at the oval. His meals cost $5.25 and they are absolutely INCREDIBLE. I will retweet Kelly McBroom-  
"Fuel for Gold was so good today I wanted to buy little fitted sheets for it, crawl in them and die there."


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