Do The Work... No Excuses

It has been awhile since I last “blogged”; a long while, which has been extremely eventful.

My “restful” time at home, was less than relaxing. My mom and I moved into a new, smaller, but more elegant house. That consisted of nothing but packing boxes, moving boxes, and getting rid of SO MUCH stuff. Then trying to find a spot for all of the things we moved. There were things that had to be put together; such as our new huge bookshelf (that is already full), nightables, and the worst of the worst my bed frame. Who writes directions for the bed frames at The Brick? I would like to make a complaint! But the house looks so much better and is much more fitting!

By our river... trying to see if I inherited my dad's talent. answer: no.In between packing boxes, I decided to try my hand at cooking. Not so much baking because… I will eat everything within an hour, but cooking. I am looking for new recipes if anyone has any!
Kev and I at home for Halloween brunch!

After a week at home, we headed out to Calgary for a couple days of testing. Two days of blood, sweat and tears later, we headed to Nakiska to ski! The first thing I have to say is that there is a new chair at Nakiska, which means no more freezing on the slowest, longest chair ever! The new chair is so quick, it tips forwards and we get air at tower 2… WARNING! During our few days at Nakiska, I tried my hand at super g again. I may not have been super speedy or had the best tuck in the world (pointed out by Walter). But I had a lot of fun and really enjoyed our few days of speed.

Leonardo Dicaprio and Ellen Page were shooting a movie at Fortress, therefore staying at our hotel. There were several Leo sightings and a few stake outs. One meeting, one of the speed coaches told us that if we came down at 6:15am, we could get a picture with Leo… he was kidding. Not funny.

After this, we headed to Nakiska for 5 days of slalom and the food of an amazing chef! It took us all a while to get into the rhythm of slalom, but the new hill at Pano is great. The first day it poured rain. I think my rain jacket absorbed rather than repelled any water. On our fourth day, we had time trials for the World Cup slalom in Aspen… which is where I am now.

We decided to cut our trip to Pano short and travel with the World Cup girls back to Nakiska. We had three days of double sessions (slalom then gs) then headed to Calgary for our 6:30am flight to Colorado. Once in Colorado we hitched a ride with the France ski team (who were amazing to us) to Aspen instead of waiting almost 6 hours for the coaches to arrive. I have to say that I DO NOT understand a word of French, not a word. I bought a children’s book and a French English dictionary, so I can catch up on what I do know (which is not much).

So now we are in Aspen!

Britt and I Christmas shopping (Facial expression= headband too tight)
Britt in our hotel lobby. Optical Illusion: Is the chair really big, or is Britt really small?

The race hill- My Birkenstocks were slippery and didn't let me get much closer safely. (Walking on ice is not my forte)
The bleachers- (notice the strength of the Canadian flag).

We eat every meal in this ritzy hotel with the rest of the girls competing. They are offering free spa treatments and we are collecting free food. We hear a lot of GO CANADA walking down the street and one man called us over to give us a chocolate bar. I can’t imagine how amazing the support for Canada is going to be in Whistler. The town here is very Christmassy and cute. The lights and decoration and making me very ready for Christmas! On that note, I should go Christmas shop!

The race is this Sunday. First run at 10am and second at 1pm! Go Canada Go!


  1. hey i'm from germany and i'm just watching you at the wordcup race in aspen on tv. good race! and cool helmet, i have the same ;) good luck for the rest of your season


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