Sunday, April 22, 2012

Puppy Days

HOME SWEET HOME!! Basically my days are filled with organizing, unpacking, playing with Boulder, working out and seeing friends.
This is my buddy through everything! She loves her bear!

One day my Boulder get very sick! We were scared that she ate a sock... Today she is as hyper and mischievous as always.

Boulder walks through the house to see what she can steal. Sometimes it is a sock, other times a tooth brush. She doesn't  usually chew the stolen objects, but the attention that it brings her never seems to be enough.

One day I drove to Guelph to see my girlfriends. The drive was beautiful!

I felt girly as we did our nails...

My friend Rachelle did my hair! She's an amazing hair dresser!

And painter!

When I headed home Boulder and I hit the slopes.

She loves the water, especially if there are small waterfalls. It makes me take a second look at nature, and appreciate my surroundings.

We were in our element. 

My mom's boyfriend lent me his car for the day! It was a fun day filled with loud music and feeling pretty cool!

Kevin came back for the weekend!

My mom was happy to see him. 

 As was I... "You don't need wings to fly."

It seems like I have spent more time at the top of the escarpment than at the bottom! I try to find a new trail every day.  

Kev and I got creative with my camera!

I guess I didn't "Get it from my Momma!"

Last night we have a little bonfire with Morgan Megarry! It's nice to have a few new friends around town!


Home is great, but it seems as if there are always things to do and I am always on the go! I am moving to Canmore soon to start this process all over again! Hopefully I hear back soon to hear confirmation about my rental place! Keep your fingers crossed for me please.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Whistler Cup and Heli Skiing!

After spring series I headed to the airport to fly to Vancouver for the Whistler Cup. The night before I left, I was able to see Clay on the CBC show, The Big Decision with his company Toshodi. Not to give anything away, but they chose Clay's company to invest in! In their honour I took a picture of my favourite lip balm that they made for me! I had to remember that the good smell wasn't food... resist temptation!

I've been attempting to find new braided hairstyles... really I am just trying to get an arm work out as I hold my hands above my head for a long time!

I ran down into town for the Whistler Cup welcome dinner, and met Tina Maze there! 

They introduced each of us and I learned that Tina won every race when she was at Whistler cup, I stood up and told my story where I did place 11th a couple times, but placed 45th as well. 

The next day I went up on the hill to meet some athletes and thank volunteers and sponsors! Each day was beautiful! 

What an amazing way to end my season!! However, when I went in for lunch one day I separated both my skis and my poles. People used to make fun of me for this, and I can now see why. After lunch I went to get my skis. I found both of my skis, but someone had stolen one pole. Seriously who steals one pole?! 

 We had a little Rossignol group hug with our rep in BC, Nenad!

 One day the Whistler Cup alum skied with the sponsors. My group was Manulife Financial, and they were a lot of fun and very good skiers! Everyone met back up for lunch. I thanked the sponsors, ensuring that they knew that when you sponsor skiing you don't just sponsor a team or an event, but you become part of the skiing family. We take you in as one of our own.

 This amazing couple organized everything for the weekend from the luncheons to heli skiing! Thank you Rio Tinto Alcan and the Prokopankos for an amazing Whistler Cup and weekend!

Manny charmed the camera woman!

We all had a lot of fun signing autographs, especially Mike and I down at the end of the table!

One boy told me he loved me, but most wanted to be Manny's best friend! I met some amazing young skiers this weekend! One girl named Morgan emailed me after I won in Germany, and I was able to meet her during this event! 

On Sunday, we went heli skiing!! 

Manny, Robbie and Mike are seasoned heli skiing verterans, but Tina, her coach, Richard Prokopanko  and I had never been. 

 I mean, I am from Ontario, so our powder usually consists of a few inches on top of hard groomed snow. However, eventually the pow felt like a long lost friend.

Well, after I had a mini heart attack before the first run as I stood at the top of a steep pitch. 

Mike lent me a pair of his Uvex goggles, which are prototypes and all I can say is I want them! Oh and thanks Mike!

There wasn't a tonne of powder, but it was so soft underneath and felt like a big cushion! It was amazing to make our own tracks in the wilderness looking out on the beautiful mountains.

See what I mean! 

The guys took good care of me and made sure I pushed myself, but wasn't scared. I have a great team!

Eventually Robbie, Mike and Manny went off to jump on some "pillow tops" or something like that. I guess I should say..."Dude, the guys went to shred the pillow tops, and they sent it!" That's better! Well, Robbie really sent it and ended up jumping a 50ft cliff!! We saw the video afterwards and it was incredible. When he landed both skis flew off, it was incredible. 

The only scary thing that happened that day was that a young boy was skiing with us. At one point he was skiing down fairly slowly and skied over a "hole" that had been left by a previous avalanche and snow melting against the rocks. As he stopped on the other side of it, he started slipping backwards and fell in. While his dad froze, Manny saved the day and skied over to the kid who was about 10ft down in the hole and said something along the lines of, "Wow you are far down. What are you doing down there?" Then he heroically pulled the boy out.

Mike and Robbie

 Robbie is one of the most beautiful skiers I have ever seen, so I tried to copy him. He said to keep weight on both skis and put my hip into the turn.


After 4 runs we stopped for a lunch of sandwiches and soup.

Earlier in the day I was skiing on a pitch and tried to jump a small burm. I ended up going head over heels doing a full flip.
Then Mike fell REALLY hard going onto the flats. I bet he is sore now, because I am.

After powder skiing Mike and I headed to the awards ceremony to announce the winners! I think I may have embarrassed a few people... sorry... I am new at this!

Now I am home with my new puppy, Boulder! She is a real handful! I cleaned up 3 accidents today and walked her 6 times... maybe there will only be 2 tomorrow! But I love her!