Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Kevin and I enjoyed our final days in Burlington, then I headed home for the first time since the end of January.

It was good to be home, but it seems like whenever I am home there is So much to do! Unpacking, laundry, banking, family dinners, visiting friends, fixing bike gear, and on and on!
On Easter, my family decided to hike up the Peaks and get one last feel of snow, even if we weren't wearing skis.
Oh how treacherous that 20minute climb was...

Just kidding... everyone was smiling. (My Momma)

 Even though we were sweaty! (Jenna and I) 

 Even my Dad came, although we didn't let him take his camera. 

Jenna and my mom... or are they sisters? 

Avid hikers, although Clay is pushing for... "avid bikers"!

Hayley... I've never met a dog more afraid of it's own shadow... Somehow I still love her though.

The Peaks' Badlands! 

What my skin will eventually look like.

I hope that I have a dog with paws this big someday.

 The view and why I love Georgian Bay!

We just missed chairlifts too much, so we had to say one last goodbye. 

I'll miss you skiing!

I'll miss you refreshing air... (I like Jenna's hair in this one!)

Goodbye snow!

Oops.. I just heard that there are still snowbanks in Canmore. I guess winter is a very long season for us!

Therefore, today I headed back to Burlington, and enjoyed the sun and warmth. I went for a jog by the water, trying to avoid flooded parts. However, I think I need to gradually get used to this warm weather, my system defiantly didn't condone the shock. My feet blistered, my face sweat and it was hard to continue. Yet, I soaked up some vitamin D and feel great now! I realized just how competitive I really am when I tried to catch up to two girls in front of me, and sped up to try not to let a man pass me, to no avail of course.