Tuesday, April 27, 2010


KELLY helped fix my pictures!... so here is everything else. Sorry this took so long!

The last few days have been very busy in my "time of rest(?)"
On Wednesday, I drove down to spend the night with my dad. We woke up at 5:45am to get to the airport on time. I had to make sure that I looked ready for a luncheon and meeting at the house of commons. When I arrived in Ottawa we took cabs to a hotel, where some of the other athletes were staying, to get ready. At about 11, we headed for lunch at another hotel. After lunch, we headed to the House of Commons. Anna and I walked into the room first followed by the other athletes that came. It was absolutely incredible walking through the cameras and heading through the doors to hear the cheers of the people in the house of commons. We weren't allowed cameras or cell phones, so I can't show you the experience, but we got them back later in the day.
Say Whattt?
After being introduced and shaking some hands (Stephen Harper's) we headed to another room for a reception. You can tell that athletes had entered the room, when a huge mass of people in red jackets moved quickly to the snack table.
At the reception, the youth choir sang and all of the medalists were awarded with a flag that flew on Parliament Hill during the Olympics.
Bilodeau and Harper... A well deserved flag!
After the reception, we headed to VIA rail, to make our way to Montreal. While on the train, Ben Mulroney was interviewing medalists in the seats beside us for E-talk. The tv men would have to take breaks while announcements went on or when the food carts passed through.
After we got off the train, we took a bus to our hotel, checked in and picked up our bags. We immediately went for Indian food in Montreal.
The next day we had to be downstairs in the breakfast room by 8:00am. There were Cheerios tableclothes on the table that were written on in permanent marker for all of the athletes. Cheer! In the room, Good Morning Canada was filming their show. The weather man could remember.... everything. The men behind the scenes would turn a small tv screen towards him so that he could see the weather, but of course this screen was covered in static. I guess it was snow all the time for those cities.
After breakfast, we headed to the parade. All of the athletes were organized into their designated sports as the people got situated on the street. Our float was connected to the back of a truck.
Anna and I on the float.
Whenever we passed a big crowd we would all jump up and down making the float (and truck bounce). Once the float started bottoming out, we were told to stop. The parade was incredible. I have never seen that many people gathered to see a group of athletes during a parade.
Do people and their dogs look alike?
Thanks for coming Dad.
I am very glad I went... it was moving to see how much people care and how Canada is behind their athletes 100%. After the parade we were given McDonald's, announced one by one onto the stage, and given cards to sign and handout.
Then we headed down the the Bell Center for a test run for the Hall of Fame. Everything looked amazing and ready to go. Except for the athletes. So we ran back to our hotel to get ready. We all met in the lobby, looking uncomfortable in our heels and headed to the Bell Center once again. To get to the main room, we had to pass a group of photographers shooting the red carpet.
The night moved smoothly from there and consisted of performances by Canadian artists, many inductions into the Olympic Hall of Fane, an amazing dinner and my feet killing me!
MP and I
Mitch, Biggs and I

Shona (I miss you already), Mitch, Kelsey, Me and Mp!
The next morning, I woke up early, cancelled my flight, and drove to New Hampshire to visit Darmouth with my Dad. After walking around and seeing the campus we drove to Burlington, so that I could see Kevin for a few hours. After these few days, I think I was beyond the point of being tired. The next day Phil Brown, Kate Ryley, and I drove back to Toronto. We were excited to get home and relax for a few days. However, this didn't happen quite how we had planned. We ended up taking a two hour detour... which was not in the plan.

Friday, April 16, 2010

You Tube Session (One of Many I'm Sure)

Dog Attacking... His own foot?

Do cats always land on their feet?

Have your kids ever scared you?

We call this the man yelling goat... See for yourself.

These are some reasons why I want to be a veterinarian and deal with this every day!
Hopefully these will brighten your day. It is pouring rain here in Vermont and it is necessary for some you tube videos to put a smile on my face!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Story of Bottled Water

My Dad sent this to me a few days ago. It makes you think! Buy a reusable water bottle to treat the World!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

TIME OFF? What is that?

Immediately after spring series Kev and I drove down to Burlington, VT, so he could get back to school like a good boy. Kevin realized his "Bieber fever" and is now obsessed, "Ah Thank you". The week went by fairly uneventfully. I decided to attempt to make myself useful, filling my time with reading, staying active, a calculus workbook and making a money/card case out of a Starbuck's mint holder. 
Now you have seen the extent of my artistic abilities. I will leave all the rest to Grace and Baye*!
Friday night Kevin and I went to get the BEST sushi I have ever had in my life! We ate so much Sushi and it was incredible! After dinner we went to grab neon headbands for a Neon/Blacklight party. However, when we got there, we realized that what we thought would "glow" did not. We ran (actually ran) out to the American Apparel and to get decked out. The pictures taken were definately worth our money spent. And coming from me that is saying a lot! Kevin and I! (Check out my sweet shorts, expect to see them in the gym. They'll keep me happy for long gym sessions.) 

Bobby and Colin
Tim before the ingestion of a glow stick... 
Meg and Lyndee
On Saturday, we went to a cute little diner for breakfast! I was finally able to give into my craving for banana pancakes (but compared to our waffle pancakes at home, they don't even compare. We spent the day walking around the brick roads of Burlington in the sun. 
I brought out my denim apparel, thinking I was following the spring denim trend. Instead I was told that I was wearing a Canadian suit, especially with my moccasins. Typical. Why do these things always happen to me? I tried so hard... 
We went to an amazing place for dinner. It is a typical Vermont cafe, and by that I mean that everything is fresh, healthy and they love tofu. Perfect. I had a lentil soup and tofu sandwich. Followed by flu like symptoms until noon the next day (not because of the food, but I'm not sure what it was...) 
All in all... I love time off!!!
*BAYE'S ARTISTIC TALENT... check it! And if you like it... get your own with a personal design! Personally I can say that they are the absolute best! 

The front
The back (and yes my big toe is that much bigger than the rest... no I am not a Cartoon)
GO TO- ShmurShmur.com

Saturday, April 10, 2010

SPRING SERIES.... and Done

This will be a short one... maybe. Just to end off the season and start in on my break time.
After Calgary, I flew home and had a nice evening with my dad, scallops and shrimp stir fry!! Then I went home for about 24 hours and did laundry, went shopping, drank many steamers! and relaxed with my mom. The next morning I drove to Quebec with Joey and some of the Ontario Team boys. 
A day later, the races began. Our first race was a slalom. The first run went fairly well, but my second run was not very strong. I ended up 4th that day. 
Every day it got progressively warmer. Our next race was also a slalom, and it was a very warm day. The race was held for 30minutes after the forerunners so that they could salt some more and try to make the track better. I ended up 1st after the first run, and held my spot (finally) on the second run. The track actually held up pretty well considering that it was about 18C outside. We were all trying to hide in the start hut before our runs to get out of the sun. 
The next day was the first GS and it was THE HOTTEST weather I have EVER skied in. We were originally supposed to do 4 runs (2 races) because they weren't sure if there would be enough snow, etc the next day to run another race. During inspection, there was running water just after the pitch and the course workers started digging out a trench. Our start was delayed by an hour so that the groomer could bring in snow and they could salt the snow over top of the "river". We waited inside because there really wasn't much snow to free ski. The track ended up fairly hard, but pretty bumpy as well. I will not lie, I was being rocked by the bumps. After the first run, we were told that they were going to try to run 3 runs that day and only one run the next. In between runs, we sat on the deck in tank tops eating a picnic lunch that the Ontario parents brought! Life savers! Second run was pretty bumpy and everyone was feeling the effects of the sun and the end of the season. I ended up 4th that day and scored by a bit. They decided (After a little persuasion) to cancel the 3rd run and run the entire race the next day.
The next day was warmer still. The hill wasn't in great shape. The course workers worked really hard, however many of the girls didn't feel comfortable racing in those conditions. We decided to be Did Not Starts (a better way of saying we pulled ourselves) in order to save ourselves for summer training and next season. There were many opinions about our decision and I hear that the race ran smoothly, but I felt uncomfortable racing and wanted to make sure I was healthy going into next season. 
I drove over to the boy's slalom race and watched Kevin come 3rd! His second score of the year!
Kevin b/w runs at the slalom (Yes he still had another run to do) Note- Sunburn on back.

The Guys between runs. 

Robby inspecting for second run. 
Kevin playing around after the race. He showed up those "skittle" coloured, loose clothing (?) freestylers in his spandex. Note: always wear a helmut. 

(Photo Cred: Donny) 

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


A new picture from the games...
I booked a shuttle to pick Elli and I up from the hotel in Montreal and take us to the airport. However, in the morning, the shuttle filled up and they had no record of our booking. We went to the desk to ask them to do something and they said that they would call a taxi for us, but at our expense because apparently we hadn't called. I tried to persuade the people to pay for our cab, but no matter what I said they refused. To make a long story short, they should not be working at hotels trying to please people.... Isn't it said that the customer is always right? Well... I guess I was very wrong.
We got into the cab, and immediately the man said that we had to pay extra because we had so many bags and it wasn't "normal". Check in went smoothly and we went over to load our bags at oversize. I gave them my ticket, loaded the bags and they gave it back. I got into line at security, the man scanned my ticket and then I realized that my ticket said the wrong gate, the wrong boarding time, and that I was Oliver Roy traveling to Cancun. The people gave me back the wrong ticket... I had a ticket for the wrong person for the second time in a month. When the ticket got sorted out, I got in line again for security and of course they were fixing (or checking) the metal scanner in the line I was told to go to.
Everything else went fairly smoothly. We all packed into the team truck and headed for Nakiska. It was then that Tim told us that he had bad news and good news. The good news was that we were on our way to Nakiska, the bad news was that we would have to come back into Calgary the next day for physical testing (Aka the bike test to max).
My mom arrived when I did and my dad arrived a little later, so that made up for some of it. The next day we had a leisure morning and headed to the bike test... ie death. The bike test consists of starting at a certain wattage, then going up by 25 watts every 2 minutes. Also, every two minutes they prick our finger and check our blood lactate, then write down our heart rate. When our blood lactate reaches 6, we go up by 25 watts every minute until we fail. By the end, I end up wheezing and sounding like I am giving birth. Both very attractive noises I might add.
The next day was our gs race. I ended up 5th after my first run. The pitches were pretty bumpy because of cross ruts and hard, bumpy snow. But it held up pretty well for all people. Second run was just as bumpy and I'm pretty sure my tips were pointed into a leftover boy's rut at one point. I ended up 5th for the day and scored! Finally. The skiing wasn't great, but it was better than it has been.
The next day was slalom. It felt like I hadn't skied slalom in a while in the morning, which is weird because we had just raced US Nationals. I guess days just feel like that sometimes, and it works out for the better at times because I don't think as much. During the run, it just felt normal. I ended up first after first run, by about .5. However, after second run, I got bumped back to 2nd by a lot! Dang. Oh well, as I always say, "It's slalom, anything can happen".
After the race, I was drug tested for the 2nd time in a week. We headed to the Calgary Olympic Park for our dual slalom between the provinces. It was so warm and the snow was super soft, but we were all ready to beat the other provinces. I did not do much to help my team, especially when I fell before the first time.... embarrassing. If you want embarrassing stories just come to me.
We had an amazing dinner put on by the Olympic Committee and celebrated the end of the season.